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3 Helpful Tips From a Tree Removal Expert

Planting New Trees After Removing Old Trees

Are you thinking about removing some trees so you can create something new in your garden or lawn area? Taking the steps to remove potentially troublesome trees can be wise and can assist homeowners in protecting their homes against possible damage from falling limbs — or even falling trees. Depending on your follow-up plans, it can also save time and costs associated with tree-related yard maintenance, such as raking leaves or regular pruning. Here are helpful tips from a tree removal expert that might guide you in planting after tree extraction so that it doesn’t create more work and frustration down the road.

Understand the Environment

After a tree or stump is removed, the soil that remains will be different from that of the rest of your garden or yard. This is important to keep in mind for any replanting since it will affect how well any new growth occurs. The last tree also probably changed the soil and depleted it of many necessary nutrients that a young tree depends on, so consider wisely if you want to use the exact same spot.

Time Is Your Friend

One of the best ingredients for planting after tree extraction is time. The tree that was removed will most likely still have roots in the soil, and these roots will slowly but surely decompose, but it’s not an overnight process. Ideally, one should wait about a year before planting a new tree in the same spot a tree was removed from. The ecology of that piece of ground will also keep changing for a few years, as microorganisms will be busily working to break down the old tree roots.

Choose an Adjacent Site

What if you don’t have the patience to wait a year or more? We don’t blame you! The good news is that many of the risks of planting after tree extraction are mitigated by simply selecting an area adjacent to the old tree. You want to select a spot that’s at least five feet from the old site, which will improve the chances of your new tree taking root and thriving. The absence of the removed tree will also positively influence new growth since you’ve taken away any competition for sunlight.

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